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BREAKING NEWS:   U.S. Department of Justice announces new rules to discharging federal student loans. Find out if you qualify TODAY!

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Can you consolidate federal student loans?

Consolidation is an appealing option for people who have a lot of outstanding student loans. People who received federal student aid may wonder if they can take advantage of consolidation offers to find some savings and simplify repayment.  In fact, it is possible to...

How to stop overspending to get out of debt

Bankruptcy is a form of financial relief that many people rely on for a fresh start. The lure of discharging debt or entering a more favorable repayment plan might seem advantageous to some, especially if their situations are the result of uncontrollable factors, such...

Should you use your tax refund to pay off debt?

If you struggle with high-interest debt you cannot pay, you may have already set aside your tax refund to catch up on bills. On the other hand, you might wonder whether saving the money might prevent you from taking on more debt down the road. Consider these factors...

When will utility disconnections resume?

When the bills pile up, the stress tends to become overwhelming. While collection calls from credit card companies mount, what happens when the threat is much closer to home? Utility companies cannot disconnect residents for non-payment during cold-weather months....