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My husband and I were deep in debt due to job loss, moving across country twice and having to live off credit cards. We had thought about bankruptcy, but were always scared of that word and what it could mean. So, we waited until things got too bad. We finally decided to see Miller & Miller to get some questions answered. The staff was very helpful and honest. We left that meeting feeling more relief and hopeful than we had in a very long time. It was our time to start over and get our finances back on track.

From the beginning and throughout, the entire process was very smooth. They provided guidance all the way through by telling us step-by-step what needed to be done and when. We had no problems or issues the entire process. We are now debt free and living a much better life without all the financial stress. I can tell you from my personal experience, my husband and I were people who would have never chosen to file bankruptcy but now, we are so happy we did. We only wish we hadn’t waited so long to do it.

We are now in the process of building our credit score back up through Miller & Miller’s program, which has been going great. It is so great to have this resource included in the bankruptcy process to help people with this, and it shows this is a firm who cares about your life after filing. I highly recommend Miller & Miller to anyone who is having financial difficulty. We are so grateful for all the help they gave us.

-Rachel M.

No reputable person would want to be in the situation of contemplating a bankruptcy filing. We were impacted with a catastrophic car accident disabling us for almost one year. This was compounded with an in-hospital heart episode. With $84,000 in unanticipated bills, we sought competent advice and were referred to Miller & Miller by our own personal attorney.

Our immediate impression, and one that persisted throughout our journey, was of staff competence, compassion and continuous support. This is not an easy process on your own. It requires record-producing, document verification, credit counseling, to name a few items. But no matter when we asked a question, whether in person or by phone, all facets were ALWAYS simplified in an easy to understand way. Whatever we needed to do became instantly easier. We were treated with respect and given unhurried advice. We felt secure with their guidance.

The bankruptcy hearing now over, we move on to recover. Miller & Miller is still standing by our sides educating us on how to best rebuild our credit. (Still hard to comprehend; we had never been late on even ONE bill over many years until our lives were changed by the events described.) With the help offered by Miller & Miller, we once again hold our heads high in the knowledge that we have acted with integrity and will regain what we have lost soon.

We have also gained in our personal lives by going through this process, via the relief we feel being free from debt and the solid relationships we have built with our excellent legal team.

-Joanne V.