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Personal Injury Lawyers That Put Your Holistic Recovery First

At Miller & Miller Law, LLC, we understand personal injury cases both from a bankruptcy perspective and from a holistic one.

In over 25 years of practicing bankruptcy, we have seen many clients with personal injury cases that remain unresolved. Perhaps a person has been injured but doesn’t know if they have a case. Other times, someone has a pending personal injury case with another attorney. Either way, they are hurting in ways that go beyond the physical, and we want to make sure their rights and potential recoveries are protected if they should need to file a bankruptcy.

A holistic approach to personal injury cases means we recognize that in addition to often enormous financial and medical burdens, injuries also have many other far-reaching effects.

Do Not Buy Into The Hype. If You Were Injured, You Need An Advocate on Your Side

Contrary to what television ads would have us believe, very few people do sue when they are injured. They think it will ultimately be too expensive or make the accident drag out when they just want to get back to their life as quickly as possible, or they think they are just “not the type” to sue.

Further, there are some myths about personal injury cases which, if believed, are the reason victims of accidents are not properly compensated and suffer more than they have to.

Jamie Miller started his personal injury practice for this very reason. Practicing bankruptcy law introduced him to the concept that mistaken beliefs about legal proceedings often cause people unnecessary stress while depriving them of needed relief. Further, he didn’t want to help people secure stronger financial futures only to have those new futures jeopardized by personal injuries or claims. Navigating the myths of personal injury claims, settlements and trials became a passion for attorney Miller in his quest to help people move on to more stable futures.

What You Need To Know About The True Cost Of An Injury

Miller & Miller wants you to understand this:

There are long-term costs associated with an injury. Injury victims suffer enormous financial burdens related to immediate medical costs, but that is often the tip of an iceberg. There may be long-range medical costs as well, such as years of ongoing physical therapy.

A severe injury could impact your job. There may be deep professional consequences, such as lost earning potential or job changes that in effect were the result of what turned out to be a life-changing injury.

The emotional impact of an injury can be significant. And there is absolutely emotional suffering caused by injuries. The stress, work-related issues, child-raising complications and more can lead to depression, relationship troubles, divorce or just a completely different mindset about life.

This isn’t meant to depress you, only to remind you that you may not even know the furthest-reaching effects of your injury today. Why shortchange yourself any further by not seeking the advice of a professional? If you do have a case, you need to protect your rights now, both to get you back on your feet and to be ready for the possibility of later life costs.

Insurance Companies Care About Making Money, Not People

Insurance companies are businesses. They exist to make money, not to make you whole. While they may pay out on claims, they have entire departments of actuaries and computers designed to calculate what you might need to be made completely whole vs. what they can get away with paying you, what you are likely to take, and what will enhance their bottom line.

Hire An Attorney Who Cares About You

You need someone who is on YOUR side, with YOUR best interests at heart. That’s where we come in. At Miller & Miller Law, LLC, we’ve made it our business to learn the personal injury precedents and statutes in Wisconsin, to assist our bankruptcy clients AND those who do not need to file for bankruptcy protection. The ultimate goal is the same: to help our clients gain the financial and emotional stability they deserve.

Other, contributing causes to injuries as well as time limits for bringing lawsuits (statutes of limitation) can be common roadblocks to recovery. The myths people believe about personal injury cases also stand in the way of the best possible outcome for you and your family.

The Best Way To Recover Is To Make Sure You Are Covered. Call Us.

The best way to make sure you are doing everything possible to holistically heal from your injury is to meet with a qualified attorney as soon as possible. So don’t wait. If you have been hurt at work, in a store, or on the road — talk with a knowledgeable Miller & Miller attorney TODAY. We know the law, we know the insurance companies, and we can help you separate the myths from the reality of asserting personal injury claims.

Email us at [email protected] to get started today. Or, call us at 414-206-1545 to set up your free consultation with an attorney who can answer your questions TODAY. Strong legal help should never be hard to reach. We represent individuals throughout the state of Wisconsin. We have offices in Milwaukee, Madison and Kenosha to serve you better.

As an added bonus, you will receive attorney Miller’s informative white paper, “10 Myths About Personal Injury Cases.” This is an educational empowerment tool, designed to help people start thinking the right way about their potential injury claim. While there is no substitute for meeting with an attorney in person to discuss your specific situation, this paper reminds you that many people have the same beliefs about personal injury cases (hey, the insurance companies DEPEND on it) and that separating fact from fiction is CRITICAL to your holistic recovery.

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A lawyer from Miller & Miller, LLC can walk you through the foreclosure process, help direct you to the right path for stopping foreclosure, and formulate strong defenses to help you obtain the best outcome possible.

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