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722 Vehicle Redemption (Chapter 7)722 Vehicle Redemption

722 Redemption is named after a section of the bankruptcy code that specifically allows for people in a Chapter 7 case to redeem their vehicles for their true value, rather than the inflated price they may have been paying outside of the bankruptcy. The problem is, most people do not have a lump sum with which to redeem their vehicle. That’s where 722 Vehicle Redemption comes in. They can often help bankruptcy clients connect with lenders that will redeem the vehicle on the client’s behalf from the current lender, pursuant to bankruptcy law. Then, the bankruptcy client ends up paying back the new lender at much lower monthly payments than before, since the new loan is based on the car’s current value. Not all clients qualify, and sometimes a client’s car may not be worth redeeming, but 722 Redemption helps clients to determine whether there are better options available than simply surrendering or reaffirming a current vehicle loan.

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Rocket Dog ReportsRocket Dog Reports

Rocket Dog Reports is a company Miller & Miller has partnered with to correct errors on your credit report and to ensure your bankruptcy is reported correctly on those reports. Making sure your credit reports are truthful and accurate is one of the biggest steps to “finishing your bankruptcy” and it is often overlooked, but not at Miller & Miller. Employers, banks, lenders, insurance companies, and landlords make decisions regarding your financial reputation based on your credit reports. But you might be surprised to know that filing your case, or getting a discharge, does not “automatically” update your report, or clear judgments. What’s more, credit reporting agencies do not always get the correct data after people file for bankruptcy. TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian are not notified by the bankruptcy court that you filed, like creditors are! Any incorrect data will prolong issues with your credit! Rocket Dog provides Miller & Miller clients with letters to send to each of the bureaus notifying them of your filing. It also provides instructions on how to read your credit report and provides a “paper trail” should you need to enlist assistance later if one of the bureaus fails to change entries on your report correctly. The Rocket Dog system is $99 online, but all Miller & Miller clients receive it FREE OF CHARGE when they file with us, as part of our 3 Step Process to better future credit.

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720 Credit Score (Credit Education) 720 Credit Score Program


The 720 Credit Score Program is a big part of Miller & Miller’s commitment to credit education for our clients, and also Step 3 of our 3 Step Approach to a strong financial future. Filing for bankruptcy relieves your stress by discharging your current debts, but for years we have been meeting with clients who have equally pressing fears about their future and credit. How can they survive in a world where we are all judged by our credit scores? You need credit to rent an apartment, buy a car, and it some cases, employers are running credit checks on potential employees. Miller & Miller knows that rebuilding your credit score is just as important as filing your case. The 720 Credit Score Program is an online series of “classes” that explain exactly how to build your credit the right way, and FAST. Using this proven system, many of our clients have been able to achieve credit scores of 720 or better within just two years of filing their cases. In some instances, it is even shorter than that! The system WORKS, and keeps our clients from both “wiping their hands clean” of credit (never using it again, which is just as bad as bad credit for your score!) and overextending themselves with too much credit via tempting offers that inevitably come in just after filing your case (because creditors rely on the fact that you can’t discharge debts again for a certain period of time). The 720 Credit Score Program teaches our clients what they should be doing, and what creditors they should be doing it with. This system costs over $1,000 when purchased privately, but through our partnership, Miller & Miller clients receive this service absolutely FREE.

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