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How To Deal With Foreclosure

If you are facing foreclosure, from Milwaukee to Muskego, Waukesha to Kenosha, attorney James Miller can help you. The foreclosure process can be very scary and uncertain. Even if you had an inkling that foreclosure of your home or rental property was a possibility, when the process begins it can be very unsettling. Many times you knew your payments were behind but you had some plan in place to deal with it – you were trying to get a loan modification, you were surrendering the property, you had moved away or maybe you had been thinking about filing for bankruptcy. The trouble is, while you were waiting, the mortgage company wasn’t, and now you’ve been served with papers and don’t know what to do.

Options For People In Foreclosure

Attorney James Miller and the team at Miller & Miller Law, LLC, are very familiar with the foreclosure process here in Wisconsin. We can steer you toward local resources for dealing with foreclosure as well as ways to “get your house out of your name” before foreclosure starts. Whatever stage of foreclosure you are in, we can assist you. While we often see foreclosure issues coupled with other debt problems (credit cards, cars, taxes), sometimes the foreclosure is truly the only thing that may be burdening a person financially, so there is no need to talk about bankruptcy. Still, you need to know your options and what is likely to happen next. You shouldn’t be kept in the dark.

Please click on one of the links below to get more information on the foreclosure process in Wisconsin and how Miller & Miller Law, LLC, can help you. Then call our office to set up a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys, and find the peace of mind that comes with putting a plan of action in place today!

  • FORECLOSURE TIMELINE (Place cursor over each event to read description) S&C Answer Hearing: Dismissed/Judgment of Foreclosure Redemption Period Sale Confirmation
    • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Did you know you can file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy all the way up to the confirmation of sale? You can. Chapter 13 stops the entire foreclosure process in its tracks. Even when you think it’s too late to save your home, it may not be. Call for your free appointment at our Milwaukee or Kenosha offices today to see if bankruptcy is the right choice to save your home.
    • Mortgage Modification Mediation (MMM) Program in Bankruptcy Court: If you decide that bankruptcy is the right option for you, the Bankruptcy Court has a program to help qualified Chapter 13 debtors keep their homes by modifying their mortgage to an affordable payment. While bankruptcy alone can stop the foreclosure process, it does not automatically lower your mortgage payments for the future. Requesting mediation will allow debtors and lenders to discuss whether modifying a mortgage loan is possible. Call 414-250-7880 today for your free consultation so we can explain how the program works and see if it is right for you.
    • Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure: This option is typically exercised prior to the foreclosure process being started. It is essentially the mortgage company agreeing to trade you your home in exchange for the balance of the loan. The home goes in their name and you are excused of the rest of the loan. If the value of your home is much lower than the amount you owe on the loan, this can be a difficult proposition for the mortgage company to swallow, and they must agree to it or it cannot happen.
    • Short Sale: This is the mortgage company agreeing to take less money from you than is actually owed on the loan. You have a willing buyer for the home but the offer is lower than the amount necessary to pay off the loan. Mortgage companies have to agree to the lower sales price because they are essentially forgiving a portion of your debt to make the sale happen. Many mortgage companies have strict rules about what the homeowner must do BEFORE they agree to a short sale. Check your mortgage company’s website for details.
  • HOW Miller & Miller Law, LLC, CAN HELP
    • Here at Miller & Miller Law, LLC, we can help you navigate the foreclosure process at each step depending on your goals for the property. Our services range from initial document review to long-term planning during and after the foreclosure. Whatever type of assistance you need, we are here for you: You don’t have to go through foreclosure alone.
      • Document Review: Perhaps you do not yet know what your plans for the property are, but you know you want an attorney to review the documents you have received, explain the process and make recommendations based on your situation. The attorneys at Miller & Miller Law, LLC, are happy to put our years of experience with the foreclosure process to work for you by looking over your documents and sitting down with you to discuss your potential plans and next steps.
      • If you want to stay: We can look at a Chapter 13 plan that stops the foreclosure process and allows you to pay back the arrears on a manageable schedule. Once your case is filed, we can initiate with your approval the MMM plan, forcing your mortgage company to the table to discuss potential modifications. This can be invaluable if you have had trouble getting the mortgage company to speak with you about your options in the past.
      • If you want to leave or have already left your home: We can communicate with your mortgage company with regard to your Deed in Lieu or Short Sale options. We can also help to navigate the foreclosure timeline with you if you have already left your home. If you are now living outside of Wisconsin but would like the assistance of a local attorney during the foreclosure process, you can hire Miller & Miller Law, LLC, to represent you in the foreclosure proceedings.
      • If you ultimately want to leave, but not immediately: We can help with that, too. In fact, this is one of the most common scenarios. Ultimately, you leave the home due to the heavy burden of either the mortgage payments, property taxes or just plain maintenance of the home. But you need time to discuss it with your family, to make alternative living arrangements, or to move your belongings. THESE SCENARIOS ARE OUR SPECIALTY. At Miller & Miller Law, LLC, we can sit down with you to determine what your ultimate goals are for the property as well as exactly where you are in the foreclosure process. Knowing this allows us to explore several options, all of which will provide you with more time and peace of mind than burying your head in the sand and waiting for the sheriff’s sale to occur. The last thing you want is to be surprised by a sale or a note on your door telling you it’s time to leave. You want to know exactly when that will happen so you are prepared. At Miller & Miller Law, LLC, we can help you determine and execute the best course of action, one that allows you the most time to rearrange your life and leave your home on your schedule.
    • Metro Milwaukee Mediation Services
    • MMM Program through Bankruptcy Court

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