How to Value Personal Property in Bankruptcy in Milwaukee

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How to Value Personal Property in Bankruptcy in Milwaukee

by | Sep 17, 2023 | Bankruptcy

Get legal help to determine the value of personal property in bankruptcy 

When we purchase properties, we consider their importance to us. We also need to know their value, so that when things go rough in our finances, we have assets and properties to look into, especially if we are considering filing for bankruptcy. In reality, bankruptcy may be valuable for people and businesses to regain control of their financial futures and make a fresh start, even though it is commonly seen as a frightening financial obstacle. We will discuss how to value personal property in bankruptcy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, or across the USA.

A key stage in figuring out what assets might be used to pay creditors back in bankruptcy is valuing personal property. By helping debtors determine the worth of their personal property, Wisconsin bankruptcy lawyers ensure that people can keep necessary objects by assisting customers in understanding whether assets are exempt from liquidation under federal or state legislation. 

Our Wisconsin bankruptcy attorneys from Miller & Miller Law, LLC are reliable and knowledgeable in bankruptcy law and can help you value your personal property in bankruptcy. The valuation procedure is essential for accurate financial disclosure and equitable creditor distribution during bankruptcy proceedings, eventually assisting people in navigating the intricate bankruptcy system and achieving the best possible conclusion for their financial future.

Is Valuation of Personal Property Essential? 

An evaluation of your property’s value based on its location, condition, and other variables is known as property valuation. Making critical judgments on various activities can be aided by knowing the worth of a piece of property for people or commercial enterprises. It can also help individuals use these properties best when financial need arises or even business ideas.

Chapter 7

In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the appointed bankruptcy trustee may sell an asset whose worth exceeds your exemption to repay your creditors.

Chapter 13

Through your repayment plan in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you must pay your unsecured creditors at least as much as the worth of your nonexempt assets. 

That implies that if you don’t appropriately value your personal property, it could jeopardize your assets and seriously affect the outcome of your bankruptcy case. We at Miller & Miller Law, LLC, can guide you with the proper and appropriate valuation of personal property to know how much you can take all the advantages of your property.

How to Calculate Personal Property Value

It’s crucial to determine the value of your personal property for several reasons, including insurance coverage and estate planning. It entails considering the value of belongings, such as furniture, gadgets, jewelry, and more. Below, read more about the necessary procedures and advice to precisely determine the value of your personal property, whether you’re trying to safeguard your possessions or better understand your financial condition.

Motor Vehicles


Trade Publications

Looking up the retail value in a trade newspaper or its online form may be all you need to do if the automobile is only a few years old or the auto loan balance is still very high, leaving little to no equity in the car. The Kelley Blue Book and NADA guides are frequently used for this purpose. Be ready with the vehicle’s general condition, the year, the specific make and model, and the mileage. Some of the online versions additionally ask for details about the region of the nation you are in.

Comparable Sale Prices

The trade periodicals might not be as helpful if your car is older. You could look through newspaper classifieds or Internet listings to find out who sells similar automobiles in your region. Additionally, you can search for comparable vehicle costs by visiting nearby used car dealerships.


You can also consider having your car valued. Some car dealerships will offer you an evaluation, but you must be careful to ensure they are not giving you a trade-in value contingent on purchasing a new vehicle from them. The value of the assessment should correspond to the cost of buying a replacement vehicle.

Paying a qualified appraiser to determine the value of your vehicle is another alternative. A value estimate from your mechanic might be beneficial, but if you get one from someone you’ve known for a long time, the bankruptcy trustee or the court might be suspicious. The assessor may be able to produce a more accurate valuation with information from your technician regarding any necessary fixes or issues with your car.

Remember to consider the vehicle’s age, condition, and whether any specific repairs are required. Additionally, be prepared to support your valuation with images and repair quotes as necessary. 

Household Goods


Comparable Sale Prices

Visit several thrift stores or your neighborhood flea markets and garage sales to discover what comparable items are going for to determine a fair value for your home stuff. Keep track of the times and places you visit to substantiate your estimation. You might also look at online auctions or sale sites. Wherever you get your values, include the property’s age and condition to help the trustee understand what you are evaluating.


You can always employ an assessment for any household object that has particular value, such as any antiques you may own, even though it is frequently unnecessary. Remember, you probably won’t need to incur the expense until the bankruptcy trustee assigned to your case charges a value you disagree with.

Personal property valuation, particularly of household goods, is a critical financial procedure determining the value of possessions in a residential environment. This valuation involves determining the fair market worth of goods, such as furniture, electronics, appliances, and other possessions. It is done frequently for insurance claims, estate planning, or divorce settlements. 

Careful investigation, inventorying, and even consulting with appraisers or online sources are required to gain an appropriate assessment. The financial security of people and families is ultimately protected by accurate household goods assessment, which is necessary to ensure sufficient insurance coverage, equitable asset allocation, and efficient financial planning.

Jewelry, Furs, Artwork, and Collectibles

These kinds of goods might require an evaluation. Make it clear to the appraiser that you need a current sale value appraisal, not an insurance value appraisal. The assessments could differ. The trustee may object to the appraisal even if pawn shops may give you the lowest appraisal value because they have a reputation for undervaluing goods. A respected estate property dealer may be your best bet for appraisals on these goods.

The value is most likely the price you paid for the item, less wear and tear deductions. A reasonable person’s willingness to pay for your things will determine your current or fair market value. You must include the worth as of the filing date for bankruptcy. Through our Wisconsin bankruptcy attorney, you will know how to properly value your personal properties in bankruptcy in Milwaukee.

Learn How to Value Your Personal Property in Bankruptcy With Our Wisconsin Bankruptcy Lawyers

When valuing personal property in bankruptcy, attorneys carefully examine the debtor’s assets to ascertain your value and any applicable exemptions. They work with appraisers to determine market values, determine any appropriate exemptions, and ultimately aid debtors in protecting their priceless property while abiding by bankruptcy laws. Bankruptcy attorneys guarantee that personal property is valued fairly and openly, enabling the debtor’s route to legal financial recovery.

We at Miller & Miller Law, LLC ensure to give you the best options and advice about valuing your personal property through bankruptcy. We offer free case evaluations and other legal services like foreclosure, garnishment, and repossession.

Our Wisconsin bankruptcy attorneys can determine an asset’s value through your understanding, navigating exemptions and bargaining with creditors to protect precious belongings. Without our advice, debtors risk losing assets they could otherwise keep or undervalue their possessions, which could hurt the outcome of bankruptcy proceedings. Contact us to learn how to value personal property in bankruptcy in Milwaukee today.

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