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Consumer Scam Review: Lower Your Interest Rate, Lower Your Credit Card Balances, and Work at Home

by | May 30, 2012 | Firm News

More and more, people in Wisconsin are calling our office after getting involved with some kind of credit card or mortgage scam. If you are in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Kenosha, or Racine, call our office before sending money to a company that promises the world for a hefty up-front fee.

Here’s a great article on this subject by Nathalie Martin:

I have been meaning to write on several consumer scams so here are a few to avoid.

“We Can Lower Your Home Loan Interest Rate” Scams.

We’ve all gotten the calls at home. “We can lower your interest rate.” “The banks got their bail-out, now get yours.” But imagine what it feels like if you really need that kind of help. The false hope these scams create is criminal. One of my coworkers has been going through a Chapter 13 in which her mortgage payments are really high. She got this card in the mail asking her to call 800-936-4400 and saying that they could lower her mortgage payment (currently over $1,300) to $611.01. She was very hopeful. She called the numbers, which directed her to RMA Legal Network in Holbrook, New York, and RMA turned out to stand for Michael Alarcon. She spoke with a Bruce Thomas, a case consultant manager, who asked her for tons of very personal information. She then hung up and did a google search, which turned up a great deal of negative information on this company, including that they want $1,400 up front to even start to do a deal for you. Red flag!

“We Can Reduce Your Credit Card Balances”

Forget it, it doesn’t work. If I’m wrong, tell me how and where you can get this help legitimately. If you have the time, follow the directions they leave on your phone and report back here.

Work at Home Scams

A third cousin got involved with one of these, and when I say scam, I mean Scam. Again, selling false hope is big business, but here the Zaken Corporation sold nothing at all. My cousin called 800-840-1060 and ordered the Zaken Corporations 90-day Risk free trial work at home kit plus special mystery gift. He was told he could not use a money order but would need to use a pre-paid card, which he got from Green Dot. This will be the subject of another blog. He order this kit on February 1 and as of May 8, he has received nothing. I have spent two afternoons on the phone trying to get his $104 back, talking to real people who somehow managed to get away and not come back to the phone. They all said they’d return my call but no one even has. This would be funny if it wasn’t so sad and sickening. Zaken now claims that they have never heard of him. It is interesting because it looks like they are a real company and that most people get their kits, though few make money from them. Before you pay anything for a work at home kit, check out the company very extensively on the Internet. There were lots of red flags there for Zaken, if only he’d have checked.

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