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Milwaukee/Waukesha: 414-436-2949
Racine/Kenosha 262-671-0501
Dane 608-530-6335

Don’t Let Your Creditors Win by Default, You Have a Fighting Chance!


Are you being bombarded with phone calls from debt collectors at odd hours of the day? Are these creditors attempting to freeze your money in your bank accounts? Will your wages be garnished soon?

You can very easily prohibit debt collectors from calling you at work and put a stop to default judgement. With just a phone call to our law office, you can stop debt collector harassment!

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the secrets about bankruptcy they dont want you to know

If You Do Nothing, Your Creditors Win By Default

With a default judgment, your creditors can move forward in garnishing your wages, placing a lien against your property, and freezing a part or all your money in your bank accounts. Act swiftly before a default judgment is made!

It’s DEBT COLLECTORS over YOU within the Court Walls

If there is anything you cannot count on, it’s the judge showing sympathy or compassion for your financial troubles. More so, debt collectors know how to leverage the courts to their advantage and are frequently able to win court judgments, which is why lawsuits are rising.

Don’t try to go into this battle between you and the debt collectors backed by the Court. Our reliable attorneys at Miller & Miller can support you in proving fraudulent charges! Additionally, they have a solution to your debt problems…



This is the part where FILING FOR BANKRUPTCY comes in

If you’re struggling with overwhelming debt and want a clean slate, filing for bankruptcy may be your best option. But here’s the thing, there’s tons of misinformation out there about bankruptcy law and the mere action of filing for bankruptcy.

The truth is bankruptcy isn’t nearly as intimidating or as difficult to recover from as much of the hearsay makes it out to be. Bankruptcy laws exist to help hard working people like you get a fresh start, and rebuild your life quickly.

Sadly, far too many people who would benefit from bankruptcy are hesitant because of misconceptions, half-truths, and outright lies.

It’s time those ridiculous myths were put to rest…


Bankruptcy Myths You Should Care Less About


Anyone who files for bankruptcy is a FAILURE

One of the most harmful myths that surround bankruptcy is thinking anyone who files for it is a total failure.

Bankruptcy is meant to restart life on a clean state.  

You lose EVERYTHING when you file for bankruptcy

Bankruptcy exemptions allow you to keep assets such as your house, vehicle, retirement accounts, and other personal belongings.

It takes an experienced bankruptcy attorney to help you make sure you don’t lose your important assets.

Bankruptcy means no more QUALIFYING FOR CREDIT

The great news is bankruptcy can actually boost your credit because it gets rid of all your debts.

Often lenders consider someone who has filed for bankruptcy a better credit risk because they’ve discharged most of their obligations, and can’t file again for up to 8 years.


Earnings will PREVENT me for filing bankruptcy

Just about anyone can file for bankruptcy, but the type you’re allowed to file for depends on your income and expenses.

Like income, debt can be substantial, and a person’s ability to pay their debt is what determines if their bankruptcy case will be successful.


The non-stop ringing and emailing can be over

Get your peaceful days back and receive only important messages and calls from your family and friends. Call our law firm today to learn how you can get started with stopping these debt collectors from harassing you.

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How Miller & Miller Can Help YOU

  • Create a firm from a very personal understanding of the complexity and emotions involved in financial issues
  • Help clients get rid of debts from the past to allow for the fresh start they deserve
  • Stop creditors from taking unfair advantage of our clients. End harassment immediately, pursue any Fair Debt Collection Practices cases clients may have
  • Protect clients from other issues that often go along with financial hardship, including unlawful repossessions under the Wisconsin Consumer Act and unfair reporting under the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Empower clients with the tools to raise post-filing credit scores to 720 or better so that future financial goals can be realized
  • Find a way to help each and every client. No matter the circumstances.