The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 040 | Milwaukee, WI

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The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 040

by | May 8, 2024

In this truly special episode of The Miller Law Chronicles Podcast, we veer off the beaten track to explore the majestic rainforests of Borneo. Eli Miller, a dedicated social worker, and my nephew, alongside his fiancée Zoe Albert, an aspiring biological anthropologist currently enrolled at Boston University, immerse themselves and us in their groundbreaking research. They are focusing on something as intriguing as it is vital: the gut microbiome of wild orangutans.

A Deep Dive into Their World

Eli and Zoe share tales of their day-to-day lives, from getting up at the crack of dawn to collect orangutan samples to the intricate, often challenging experiences of conducting scientific research in the remote jungle. Their stories not only paint a vivid picture of the lush landscapes and unique wildlife but also highlight the significant adaptations and sacrifices required to live in such an environment.

The Borneo Experience

Life in Borneo isn’t just about the scientific endeavor; it’s also about integrating into the local culture and contributing to the community. Eli and Zoe talk about their participation in local traditions, their adaptation to the local diet, and their efforts to learn the Indonesian language, offering listeners an authentic glimpse into the cultural richness and diversity of Indonesia.

The Science Behind the Scenes

Zoe provides us with a detailed explanation of her research, discussing the critical role gut microbiomes play in the survival of orangutans during periods of food scarcity. Her passion for primatology shines through as she details the meticulous process of collecting and analyzing data and the broader implications these findings could have on our understanding of not only orangutans but also other wildlife species.


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