The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 039 | Milwaukee, WI

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The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 039

by | May 1, 2024

Welcome to another enlightening episode of The Miller Law Chronicles Podcast. Today, we’re diving into the realm of Auto Repossession laws in Wisconsin with our guest, Attorney Nathan DeLadurantey, a seasoned consumer rights attorney from the DeLadurantey Law Office. Nathan brings years of expertise, especially in handling cases involving creditors who violate Fair Debt Collection Practices and the Wisconsin Consumer Act.

Understanding Auto Repossession in Wisconsin

In our conversation, Nathan breaks down the critical differences in the legal landscape that every vehicle owner should know. He explains the distinct laws that apply depending on whether your vehicle loan is above or below the $25,000 threshold, describing how each scenario affects your rights and potential legal outcomes.

What to Do When You’re in Default

Facing vehicle repossession is daunting, but being armed with the right knowledge can make all the difference. Nathan discusses what steps to take if you fall behind on payments and how Wisconsin’s laws provide specific protections through things like the “Right to Cure” letter, which gives borrowers a chance to catch up on payments before any further action can be taken.

The Role of Technology in Repossession

An intriguing part of our discussion focuses on the technological tools lenders and repossession agencies use to locate vehicles. From GPS tracking to leveraging license plate recognition technologies, Nathan illustrates just how tracked and monitored vehicles are in today’s digital age. 

Essential Advice for Vehicle Owners

Throughout the episode, Nathan shares indispensable tips for anyone facing repossession or those wanting to understand their rights better. For instance, the importance of updating your address with your lender could be the difference between receiving crucial legal notices or remaining oblivious until it’s too late.

Why Listen to This Episode?

Whether you’re currently struggling with car payments, interested in consumer rights, or simply want to be prepared for any future bumps in the road, this episode is packed with actionable advice and expert insights. Nathan’s clear explanations and practical tips provide a roadmap for navigating the complexities of repossession laws, ensuring you know how to protect yourself and your assets.


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