The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 028 | Milwaukee, WI

The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 028

by | Dec 20, 2023

We’re delighted to welcome you back to another enriching episode of The Miller Law Chronicles. In this episode, Attorney Jamie Miller engages in a crucial conversation with Jordan Thayse from Guaranteed Rate Mortgage on an issue that gravely concerns our clients – Rebuilding credit to purchase a home after filing bankruptcy.

Jordan Thayse specializes in strategizing financial rehabilitation post-bankruptcy. He shares how he collaborates with his clients to structure an effective plan to qualify for a conventional mortgage within approximately two years of filing bankruptcy.

Highlighted in this episode is one of their success stories – Daniel. Despite having filed for bankruptcy within the last two years, he has subsequently been pre-approved for a mortgage and is currently house hunting.

Here are some other topics Jamie discusses in this episode:  

  • The potential of purchasing a home after filing for bankruptcy
  • The role of Guaranteed Rate Mortgage in rehabilitating clients’ financial status
  • Structuring an effective post-bankruptcy financial plan
  • A real-life success story of home ownership after bankruptcy
  • Jordan’s contribution in turning around the financial fates of his clients

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