The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 023 | Milwaukee, WI

The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 023

by | Nov 8, 2023

In this special episode of The Miller Law Chronicles, we’re swapping legal debates for a discussion rooted in sports camaraderie and passion. Join Attorney James Miller as he dives into the much-loved local phenomenon – the JCC Adult Basketball at the Harry and Rose Sampson Family JCC.

Engaging in basketball is more than just playing a sport for these individuals. It’s about companionship, rivalry, jubilation of victories, and learnings from misses. To provide an insider’s view, we are joined by several illustrious guests – Tom Genske, Damius Alexander, Rodney Barrage and Brian Sadoff, among others.

Each guest brings a unique perspective that intertwines with their experiences over the years. From insights into the upcoming season to reflections on past games, this episode is a convergence of passion and dedication. Whether you’re a seasoned JCC member or just an admirer from afar, this discussion will leave you enthralled.

Here are some other topics Jamie discusses in this episode:

  • An immersive introduction to JCC Adult Basketball and its exciting journey so far.
  • Insights into the basketball draft process and how it shapes the season.
  • The influence and contributions of various guests like Damius Alexander and Tom Genske to the JCC league.
  • Brian Sadoff’s role as the ‘commissioner’ and his impact on the league’s evolution.
  • A nostalgic look back at previous seasons and what defines success in the JCC league.

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