The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 021 | Milwaukee, WI

The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 021

by | Oct 18, 2023

Welcome to another riveting episode of The Miller Law Chronicles. In our commitment to ensuring client success, we’ve been utilizing innovative tools to streamline our services. One standout tool that has been instrumental in transforming our client intake process is Lexria. In today’s episode, we’re discussing this impressive software with its Director of Client Success, Sally Rogers.

Lexria, an industry-leading software company, has created a comprehensive portal that enables clients to provide us with their accurate and complete information – from assets and liabilities to obligations and debts. This, in turn, facilitates us in preparing bankruptcy petitions more effectively and efficiently.

One persistent challenge in the bankruptcy law sphere has been maintaining accuracy in client information, and Lexria has stepped in to address this issue with their tailor-made solution. Since partnering with them nearly a year ago, we’ve experienced a significant improvement in managing client data and enhancing our service quality.

We’re thrilled to have Sally Rogers on board, who hails from Boston, and who has been at the helm in ensuring client success for Lexria. She will be elaborating on how Lexria operates, how it enriches client experience, and how it has seamlessly resolved the once difficult process of gathering accurate and comprehensive information from clients.

This transformative software, reminiscent of an intuitive, question-driven TurboTax interface, not only helps us garner accurate information but also conveniently manages pay stubs and bank statements. Tune in as we dissect its functionalities, impacts on the bankruptcy process, and its role in improving the law practice.

Here are some other topics Jamie discusses in this episode:  (4 to 5)

  • An in-depth introduction to Lexria and its crucial role in the bankruptcy intake process.
  • Sally Roger’s journey as the Director of Client Success at Lexria.
  • The pain points of traditional data collection methods and how Lexria has addressed them.
  • The transformation in the quality of client experience since integrating Lexria into the process.
  • A discussion on how software like Lexria is altering the landscape of bankruptcy filings and law practice.

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