The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 017 | Milwaukee, WI

The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 017

by | Sep 14, 2023

Welcome back my friends, Attorney Jamie Miller here, on our enlightening journey through The Miller Law Chronicles. Today we delve deeper into an intricate finance quandary many of our seniors are wrestling with as they deal with mounting debt – whether or not to file for bankruptcy. This isn’t a decision one makes lightly, and I often find myself in intense discussions with my elderly clients and their children trying to navigate these murky waters. So, grab your mugs, and let’s break this down together.

Financial turmoil among the senior population seems tightly bolted onto increasing inflation and stagnated social security, leaving them in mounting debt. In these tricky circumstances, it’s important to consider whether filing for bankruptcy is the most beneficial route. As it’s often not a cut-and-dried decision, we take the time to explore the implications of owning real estate, the prospective threat posed by unsecured creditors, and taking a look at the bigger picture like possible judgment liens.

Now, a question that frequently arises is whether it is necessary to jump into bankruptcy or if it’s more sensible to simply do nothing. Examples from recent real-life case files will shed more light on these dilemmas. In some cases, filing bankruptcy and subsequently rebuilding credit score, or doing nothing and dealing with potential judgment debts in the future are viable options. 

In conclusion, navigating bankruptcy for senior citizens is a complex journey that requires multiple considerations from whether to file or not, impacts on real estate, to repayment plans as possibilities. Remember, information is power; so always seek advice and exploit our free consultations. You truly wouldn’t want to miss this episode. 

Other subjects we covered on the show:

  • The broader economic factors causing seniors to face financial struggles
  • Impacts of bankruptcy on different aspects of a senior’s life
  • Alternative dispute resolution strategies for creditors to glean some payment without forcing bankruptcy
  • Psychological effects of financial struggles and bankruptcy on seniors
  • Role of legal counselors in smoothing the path for seniors facing bankruptcy.


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