The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 015 | Milwaukee, WI

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The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 015

by | Aug 30, 2023

Hello, I’m your host, Attorney Jamie Miller, back with another episode of The Miller Law Chronicles. Today’s guest is someone I admire greatly—Joe Coll, a debt negotiator and client retention specialist extraordinaire. Joe has a monumental job, navigating the daunting maze of the legal process, helping our clients regain confidence and clarity, and equipping them with the necessary armor to take on their own debt battles.

Joe fondly hails from Philadelphia, a detail he punctuates with his unyielding love for the Eagles and the Phillies. But his real talent and passion unmistakably lie in his work — managing cases, negotiating with creditors, and ensuring that our clients get the best deal possible. Now, Joe is an ace when it comes to debt negotiations. He’s got this unique ability to approach each case strategically, getting fantastic deals for our clients, thus helping them elevate their credit scores.

Despite the stress, Joe never shies away from a challenge. He pulls from his immense experience and in-depth understanding of the credit system, both of which he maneuvers to extract the perfect solution for his clients. I have seen him take on complex negotiations with great determination and finesse, always placing the needs of our clients at the forefront.

So, if you’re struggling with debts, unsure about navigating the intricate labyrinths of legal processes, or looking for an alternative to bankruptcy, stay tuned. You don’t want to miss this episode. Remember, knowledge is power, and this podcast could be the passport to your financial freedom.

Additional Topics of Discussion Found in Full Episode:

  • The changing attitudes and strategies of medical debt negotiations due to the Covid crisis.
  • The evolving challenges faced by small businesses regarding payday loan equivalents.
  • Unpacking the terms “debt consolidation” and “debt negotiation”, and their distinct implications.
  • How empathetic representation enhances the outcome of debt negotiation cases.
  • Case studies exemplifying the impact and success of thoughtfully executed debt negotiation strategies.



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