The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 012 | Milwaukee, WI

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The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 012

by | Aug 9, 2023

Hello listeners, and welcome to another intriguing episode of The Miller Law Chronicles. I, your host, Attorney Jamie Miller, would like to introduce our guest today – the resilient Ian Hafert.

In today’s episode, we explore Ian’s journey through financial struggles that led to subsequently filing a Chapter Seven bankruptcy back in 2022. This stirring account isn’t merely about bankruptcy but about rejuvenation, demonstrating how life events such as divorce and job instability often create circumstances leading individuals towards such financial choices. More than a tale of financial recovery, it’s a showcase of the human spirit’s remarkable resilience.

Inviting you all to tune in as we delve deeper into Ian’s journey and his subsequent strides; how he rose above the debts, improved his credit, and eventually got back on his feet.

Don’t miss this! Come join us on The Miller Law Chronicles and gain insight from Ian’s struggle and inspiring recovery.

  • The societal stigma surrounding bankruptcy, and how one overcomes personal feelings of defeat.
  • Deeper exploration of Ian’s personal changes due to bankruptcy; exploring the dynamics of his relationships.
  • The process of credit restoration and the road to financial recovery.
  • Support systems and their importance during periods of financial distress.
  • Exploring the impact of bankruptcy beyond financials, on aspects like stress and mental health.


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