The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 011 | Milwaukee, WI

The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 011

by | Aug 2, 2023

Attorney Jamie Miller welcomes longtime client Christopher Hendricks to discuss his journey out of debt using Miller and Miller’s debt negotiation services. When Chris first came to them over a year ago, he had accumulated $20,000 to $30,000 in credit card and other miscellaneous debt after taking on expenses caring for his father, who had moved in with Chris suffering from PTSD and health issues. 

Chris was already being sued by Bank of America and American Express when he sought help from Miller and Miller. Filing for bankruptcy was a last resort, so Jamie and his team worked with Chris to negotiate settlements with his creditors. They reduced Chris’s debts by around 50%, allowing him to make monthly payments he could afford.   

The debt negotiations also removed Chris’s missed payments from his credit reports, significantly boosting his credit score from around 605 to over 740. Getting out of debt improved Chris’s finances, reduced his stress levels, and improved his family relationships as he no longer had to hide his struggles from his wife and children.   

As Chris’s credit score increased, so did his borrowing power. Being debt-free now enabled Chris to qualify for a mortgage and buy the larger family home he had always dreamed of, which had seemed impossible just over a year ago when he first sought help from Miller and Miller.      

Jamie encourages listeners not to miss this insightful episode demonstrating how debt negotiation and simply getting out of debt, regardless of the path, can truly transform people’s financial and personal lives for the better. 

Episode Introduction

  • Initially hid his debt struggles from his family due to pride, straining their relationship. After starting negotiations, full transparency improved communication and trust.  
  • Christopher worked multiple jobs but struggled with minimum payments and interest.
  • Improved credit score from 605 to over 740, 
  • Worried negotiations would punish or embarrass him, but his attorney supported him without judgment, developing a friendly working relationship.


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