The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 005 | Milwaukee, WI

The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 005

by | Jun 21, 2023

Join attorney Jamie Miller as he speaks with Veronica Murchison, a longtime client and now valued employee, about the day she walked into the law firm facing an avalanche of payday loans, medical bills, and a car she was about to lose. Hear how filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy saved her car but then how losing it in an accident led her to file Chapter 7 and wipe the slate clean. Learn how following Miller & Miller’s proven 7 Steps to 720 credit rebuilding program step-by-step helped Veronica methodically raise her credit score from the 400s to over 720, enabling her to qualify for a lower rate auto loan and, eventually, a mortgage.   

Veronica shares hard-earned wisdom for others facing credit ruin, encouraging them not to be afraid of change and to do their research. Most importantly, she urges taking action and implementing the proven steps that worked for her, proving that with commitment and a plan, you can rebuild your finances and achieve the keys to a new future after financial ruin.

Here are some other topics James discusses in this episode:

  • The struggle with payday loans that trapped the person in a cycle of debt.  
  • The challenges of finding a new vehicle after bankruptcy with a low credit score.  
  • The pride in raising the credit score through determination and following the program.
  • Using credit cards responsibly to build credit history

You can achieve remarkable financial recovery with a fresh start and wise strategies for the future. Veronica’s success shows the power of taking action and implementing proven steps for credit rebuild. Reach out to Miller & Miller for a consultation today.

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