The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 004 | Milwaukee, WI

The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 004

by | Jun 15, 2023

Welcome to The Miller Law Chronicles! In this episode, host Attorney James Miller is joined by Jonas Ash of Ash Auto Group. They aim to help listeners understand how those going through bankruptcy can still obtain vehicle financing and get into a dependable car to meet their transportation needs.

Attorney Miller recognizes how critical reliable transportation is for his clients to rebuild their lives after bankruptcy. However, many end up in worse situations by purchasing vehicles at high interest rates from predatory buy here, pay here dealerships. Enter Ash Auto Group, a family-owned dealership focused solely on helping bankruptcy clients get into better vehicle positions with $0 down and at the best rates and terms possible. Attorney Miller is excited to shed light on this opportunity and share insights from Jonas Ash, CEO of Ash Auto Group, on how their innovative program is changing lives across the country.

Here are some other topics James discusses in this episode:

  • Challenges of buying a car after bankruptcy and how people are often taken advantage of
  • How Ash Auto Group is different – focus on helping bankruptcy clients, low pressure, and providing the best deals and rates possible
  • $0 down options and ability to get approved for and receive vehicle even right after bankruptcy case is filed
  • Rates of 7-17% APR, lower payments around $450-$600/month on average
  • Include full warranty (comprehensive for 4 years) and gap insurance at no extra cost
  • Work with clients nationwide – vehicles transported directly to clients across 35 states
  • Help set clients up for financial success and ability to rebuild credit with payments reported to bureaus
  • Range of late model, low mileage vehicles from sedans to SUVs to serve different needs
  • Free initial consultations to review situation, options and find best solution for each client
  • Grateful for partnership with Miller & Miller law firm to help as many people as possible


Thank you for listening to this important and impactful episode of The Miller Law Chronicles. The power of connection and resources to change lives for the better is on full display through the partnership between Miller & Miller Law Offices and Ash Auto Group.

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