The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 003 | Milwaukee, WI

The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 003

by | Jun 15, 2023

In this episode of The Miller Law Chronicles, host Attorney James Miller, shares his journey to becoming a bankruptcy lawyer and founding Miller & Miller. Jamie discusses how growing up watching his parents’ strong work ethic and experiencing his family business go through bankruptcy shaped his passion for helping others in financial distress. He explains how those life events led him to attend law school and start his own firm focused on guiding clients through the bankruptcy process with compassion and care.

The Miller Law Chronicles aims to become a place of comfort where clients can find answers to their questions without feeling overwhelmed. James’ goal is to share compelling client stories, showcasing relatable experiences and offering solutions to various legal challenges.

If you’re looking to gain valuable insights and the confidence to make informed decisions, join Attorney James Miller as he embarks on an empowering exploration of the law and its impact on our lives.

Here are some other topics James discusses in this episode:

  • Jamie grew up in Canton, Ohio, watching his parents and their strong work ethic.
  • He opened a retail business with his father after college that ultimately had to file for bankruptcy.
  • The bankruptcy experience inspired Jamie’s interest in bankruptcy law.
  • Jamie attended law school at the University of Miami and started his firm, Miller & Miller, in 1991.
  • Miller & Miller operates based on core values of compassion, honesty, problem-solving, and positivity.
  • Jamie aims to guide clients through the bankruptcy process and help them rebuild their financial lives.

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