The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 002 | Milwaukee, WI

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The Miller Law Chronicles Episode 002

by | Jun 15, 2023

Welcome to another episode of The Miller Law Chronicles, the podcast where Attorney James Miller explores real-life stories of financial struggles, legal challenges, and the path to resolution.

In this episode, Attorney James Miller sits down with special guest Matthew Dylan who shares his inspiring journey of rebuilding credit — and his life — after filing for bankruptcy.

Here are a few topics covered in today’s episode:

  • Introducing Matthew Dylan: Matthew opens up about his experience with bankruptcy, starting with his decision to file for Chapter 13 after facing overwhelming debt. Despite initial hesitation, he reached out to James Miller and found solace in the knowledge that he was in capable hands.
  • Gradual Credit Improvement: Matthew discusses how his credit gradually improved after filing for bankruptcy and making a fresh start in a new state.
  • The Decision to File: Matthew reflects on the process of making that initial call to a bankruptcy lawyer. He highlights the importance of trust, especially when dealing with sensitive financial matters, and how Attorney James Miller and his team made the process easy to understand and offered multiple solutions.
  • Chapter 13 Payments: Matthew explains some of the challenges he encountered while making Chapter 13 payments. Despite falling behind once, he remained committed to fulfilling his obligations to ensure the success of the plan laid out with help of Attorney James Miller and his team. The experience instilled a sense of financial responsibility and helped him develop healthier financial habits.
  • Rebuilding Credit During Bankruptcy: Matthew shares how, during his Chapter 13 bankruptcy, he was still able to rebuild his credit. He successfully applied for a mortgage loan and purchased a house, proving that bankruptcy does not necessarily mean the end of financial opportunities.

Listen to the complete conversation with Attorney James Miller and this week’s special guest, Matthew Dylan, as they delve into the personal journey of rebuilding credit after bankruptcy and learn the importance of perseverance, financial responsibility, and seeking professional guidance when facing overwhelming debt. Discover how bankruptcy can be a stepping stone toward a brighter financial future.

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