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Student Loans: Are You In Default?

Have you defaulted on your student loans? If you are delinquent on your payments and have not paid for a period of nine months, your government-issued loan will enter default. At that point, the U.S. government has a handful of options it can take to collect that debt.

If you have defaulted on your student loans, talk to a debt relief attorney about your options. Although bankruptcy does not typically relieve student loan debt, it can solve other debt problems, freeing up cash to help you catch up on other debts. Furthermore, Miller & Miller Law, LLC, has extensive experience in how to bring your student loans out of default using nonbankruptcy options. The point is, you do have options and we can help.

Understanding The Consequences Of Not Paying Your Student Loans

At Miller & Miller Law, LLC, we have significant experience helping individuals with overwhelming student loan and other types of debt. Defaulting on student loans can have serious long-term financial consequences:

  • The government may seize your tax return or garnish your wages.
  • The government may take away other government benefits.
  • The government may file a lawsuit against you.
  • Eligibility for additional federal student loans may be lost.
  • Your credit score may be damaged.
  • Additional legal action may be taken against you.

Student loan debt does not go away. Ignoring the problem will not make things better.

Struggling with student loan debt, wage garnishment, bank account levies and other creditor actions can prove devastating. Talk to a lawyer sooner rather than later to learn about your student loan debt relief options. We will explain how Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you. We can also explain alternatives to bankruptcy that may provide debt relief.

Talk To Us About Your Options For Managing Student Loan Debt

You may be confused and overwhelmed trying to figure out what to do to pay off your student loan debt. This is what we do, and we urge you to contact us to learn exactly how we can help.

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