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Is Debt Settlement The Right Option For You?

Miller & Miller Law, LLC, can also help you with debt settlement or debt negotiations. This is a process aimed at getting creditors to accept a lump sum payoff for a reduced amount in full settlement of a debt. Our team of attorneys will negotiate with a creditor to sufficiently lower the amount that is owed. Our program enables you to pay just pennies on the dollar on what is owed. We can do all of this without you ever having to file for bankruptcy.

In many cases, this is the fastest debt reduction program available to consumers. Debt settlement offers a win-win situation when people are not able to pay their obligations, and it helps creditors collect at least part of their balances. This saves the creditor fees charged by collection agencies and attorneys. The creditor accepts 20-75 percent of what is owed in a one-time payment and then forgives the rest of the debt owed. They will then report to credit bureaus that the amount owed has been “settled.” The history of delinquent payments and charge-offs that may have occurred will remain on your credit report.

What About Debt Consolidation Companies And Debt Settlement?

Debt consolidation companies often charge substantial fees, which take the average consumer months to pay off before they can begin paying down the principal on an account. Additionally, debt consolidation companies don’t have the legal authority or power to force a creditor to do anything. In some cases, once a creditor is contacted by a debt consolidation company, the creditor may demand full payment on a loan in fear that you are about to declare bankruptcy. As experienced attorneys, we can help you write a hardship letter and prepare important information for your creditor or bank to consider. We will stop creditor harassment in situations where others can’t.

Who Qualifies For Debt Consolidation?

Any unsecured debts are eligible. The most common unsecured debts are credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, payday store loans and deficiency on repossessed automobiles. Your incentive to settle is to avoid bankruptcy.

Finding Credit Relief With Debt Settlement

Debt settlement can give consumers the leverage they need to get through difficult periods. Contact our bankruptcy law offices today at  414-250-7880.

Good legal help should not be hard to find. We proudly serve all of Wisconsin from our offices in Milwaukee, Madison and Kenosha.

Let us take the burden of debt off your shoulders through our debt settlement options.

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