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Are your financial issues tied up with tax problems? Have you failed to file taxes because you know you owe money that you simply cannot pay? Call on the firm of Miller & Miller Law, LLC, to help you resolve matters with the IRS and the Wisconsin Department of Revenue and get back on track through bankruptcy filing.

We have been helping people address tax issues in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin for more than 25 years. Whether you are delinquent on your personal income tax liabilities or you have unpaid business taxes, we can help you find a resolution.

Bankruptcy And The Discharge Of Tax Liabilities

Generally, tax liabilities are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. However, there are some circumstances under which tax debt can be discharged. When you visit our office to discuss your tax-related debt matter, we will look at the extent of your debt and advise you on clearing up any matters such as unfiled taxes. Once we have a clear picture, we can determine whether your tax debt can be included in your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing.

In general, however, tax debt is dischargeable through bankruptcy if you meet the following conditions:

  • The unpaid taxes in question must be related to a tax return that is at least three years old.
  • The tax debt in question is related to a return filed at least two years ago.
  • You have not been charged with or convicted for tax evasion.
  • The tax debt in question cannot be part of a fraudulent tax return.
  • The IRS must assess your tax debt at least 240 days prior to your filing for bankruptcy.

Taxes owed for businesses, such as unpaid sales tax or unpaid federal or state unemployment tax (FUTA or SUTA) are not dischargeable in bankruptcy, but we can help you develop a plan for dealing with them.

How We Can Help You Discharge Your Taxes

Attorney Miller discusses bankruptcy and tax discharge in the video, as well as your options if you are unable to do any of those things. In order to get the IRS and the State of Wisconsin off your back, he talks about the possibility of getting uncollectible status.

Reducing Or Eliminating Tax Penalties

Often, unpaid taxes can lead to heavy penalties by the IRS. These penalties may comprise a significant portion of your owed amount. At Miller & Miller Law, LLC, we can work with you to help you reduce, if not eliminate, any penalties associated with unfiled or unpaid taxes.

Paying Back Taxes Through Bankruptcy

One way to deal with back taxes is through bankruptcy. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows people to repay tax arrears through the repayment plan while avoiding penalties and controlling interest.

Letting Our Attorneys Help Your Family Out

Sometimes, when financial difficulties stare you in the face and matters seem to be worsening, ignoring a problem seems to be the easiest answer. For some, this may mean not filing tax returns because of a fear of not being able to pay the amount owed.

Miller & Miller Law, LLC, guides clients who wish to stop ignoring financial problems and start dealing with them. For some people, tax debt may be dischargeable through bankruptcy. While for others, meeting with the IRS and working out a deal may be more appropriate. As a husband and wife along with our team of attorneys who work together in bankruptcy law, we understand the need to get out from under the burden of financial difficulty.

Contact Our Tax Liability Representation Lawyers Today

Discover the difference a local attorney can make in handling your bankruptcy and debt relief issues. Contact Miller & Miller Law, LLC, today to schedule a free initial consultation to talk about bankruptcy, and taxes or unfiled or unpaid tax issues. Our family looks forward to helping your family. Call us at 414-250-7880 or 866-906-5634 (toll free).

Good legal advice should never be out of reach. We care about everyone in our state. We represent individuals in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin. Talk to us about your situation. We can help you find an answer.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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