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Options For The Nonfiling Spouse During Bankruptcy

Has your spouse taken out a mortgage without telling you? Has he or she been investing marital property without your knowledge? If the first time you hear about it is after you have separated and he or she has filed for bankruptcy, you have every reason to be upset. Fortunately, there is a firm in southeastern Wisconsin that you can turn to: Miller & Miller Law, LLC. Contact us today to talk about your options — we charge no fee for initial consultations.

The Impact Of Your Spouse Filing For Bankruptcy

If you are separated from your spouse or in the process of filing for divorce and your husband or wife files for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the results can be devastating for you. Because single-spouse filing can have such a negative impact on the nonfiling spouse, the attorneys of Miller & Miller Law, LLC, offer legal aid designed to protect your rights and provide you with options.

If your spouse files for bankruptcy, your assets and liabilities will most certainly be affected. In addition, filing bankruptcy will play a significant role if you have filed for divorce. In such cases, a bankruptcy trustee is assigned to the filing spouse. This trustee may contact you to inform you of your rights concerning marital assets. Even though certain assets are in your possession, they may be taken to meet the requirements of your spouse’s bankruptcy.

At Miller & Miller Law, LLC, we will provide you with friendly, able and, above all, effective support. We provide confidential advice to those whose spouse has caused the financial difficulty that led to bankruptcy. We can also help you determine whether or not you should file.

Talk To Us About Individual Versus Joint Bankruptcy Filing

Discover the difference a local attorney can make in handling your bankruptcy and debt relief issues. Contact Miller & Miller Law, LLC, today to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss what to do if your spouse has decided to file. Our family looks forward to helping your family. Call us at 414-250-7880.

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