Miller & Miller Announces Annual Scholarship Winner

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Miller & Miller announces 2021 Scholarship Recipient!

RUSD High School Senior Laurel Sutherland Awarded 2021 Scholarship

Milwaukee, WI: On April 26, 2021, Miller & Miller announced the winner of its annual scholarship for High School seniors. Each year, a winner is chosen from Wisconsin high school graduating seniors planning to attend a four year college, who submit a an essay on a debt-related question posted on law firm’s website at

This year’s recipient, Laurel Sutherland, answered this year’s question, “With student loan debt at an all-time high, how will you manage your student loans and everyday budgeting while in college to set yourself up for financial success after you graduate?” with a well-thought out essay. Ms. Sutherland attends J.I. Case High School, part of the Racine Unified School District.

“Though all of the submissions we received contained responsible ideas about keeping expenses down in college, Laurel’s essay was a standout. Not only did she write about researching and taking advantage of resources that offset college costs, she also detailed her plans to work during school to make interest-only payments on her student loans before graduating. Many young people do not even know that is an option,” says Attorney James Miller, owner of Miller & Miller Law.

“Interest, and how it compounds, is not always understood and is a huge reason people can fall into insurmountable debt,” he adds.

“Laurel is a doer. She is a hard-working achiever who always gives her full attention to the task at hand, wrote Craig Lepisto, Guidance Counselor at Case. “I feel [she] is one of the finest students our school has produced.”

Miller & Miller understands the importance of keeping connected to our community, especially young people, when it comes to making a plan for dealing with debt. Many people must borrow money as an investment in their future, and having a solid plan for dealing with that expense without jeopardizing that same future is key to living their best financial life.

“The earlier this planning starts, the better,” says Attorney James Miller.

About Miller & Miller: Miller & Miller is a community focused debt-relief law firm that strives to better the lives of our clients. We provide a fresh start for those struggling financially through bankruptcy and other debt-relief solutions. We also assist our clients in cleaning up their credit and in building strong credit scores via our proven 3-Step Approach to getting out of debt. Helping Wisconsin families for over 25 years, Miller & Miller believes in focusing on the future, and supports our hardworking clients with debt-related education, individualized solutions, and respectful, exceptional client service. For more information about our annual scholarship, visit