September 1, 2014 | Miller & Miller Law, LLC

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Autumn Is A Great Time To Save

Summer is past and we’re quickly entering into Autumn.   While cooler weather may mean increasing heating bills, there’s still plenty of ways you can save.   Here are some easy ones!  Eat At Home & Make It Fun!  Eating out can add...

What are payday loans?

Living paycheck to paycheck means that an unexpected expense could make it difficult to pay rent, car payments or minimum credit card payments. And we all know that failing to pay these bills has serious consequences such as eviction, auto repossession and declined...

Dealing with debt collectors

As we reported in our last post, more than 77 million Americans currently have debt in collections, including many Wisconsin residents.We also explained how having debt in collections can do a lot more than hurt your ego. It can hurt your credit and prevent you from...